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It's building a better community

The South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce and the South Baldwin Chamber Foundation offer an array of opportunities for businesses of all sizes through Chamber Choices, our sponsorship and advertising campaign. The Chamber understands the constant headache and stress businesses undergo when determining their sponsorship and advertising options that are offered throughout the year. Therefore, this Campaign is designed with one thing in mind...the business.

The Chamber is now offering a one-stop shop for businesses so they can get back to the focus of their business. The Campaign offers:

• over 86 Event and Program sponsorship opportunities
• over 34 Networking sponsorship opportunities
• over 63 Digital and Print advertising opportunities

The Campaign helps fund the Chamber, while each event, program, and advertising opportunity serves to better our businesses in the community, giving genuine exposure that targets future clients and/or customers. The Campaign builds exposure for the City of Foley and its communities as well as the surrounding cities. At the end of the day...each business and individual reaches for the same goal...to build a better community.

What is the Campaign?

Why Invest?

Giving Back.

The Chamber Choices Campaign began in 2008 with the simple idea to limit the number of times businesses in our community were being asked to sponsor and advertise with the organization. One of the Chamber's main focus is to drive people to their door. This campaign offers an array of opportunities and options. We truly are a one-stop-shop for businesses to assist with advertising, sponsorship and marketing.
The Chamber Choices Campaign offers over 190 options from advertisment, to sponsorships, to support of our Foundation. Our connections to business and community serves to meet the needs of the South Baldwin area. This campaign is a means to help your business grow and strengthen. We want only the best for this great county and we have designed a plan to take care of all your marketing needs. You pick…and we take care of the rest.
 The money raised from Chamber Choices Campaign allows the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce and the South Baldwin Chamber Foundation to lead the region in solving problems, promoting a pro-business environment and helping build strong businesses that employ a large and growing workforce. We grow that workforce through the South Baldwin Chamber Foundation, which provides support to eleven (11) schools in South Baldwin County. The Foundation’s three main objectives are leadership development, educational enrichment and community betterment. We believe our students today are the workforce of tomorrow.   

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