Volunteer Homepage
Let’s face it, volunteer work is rewarding, but challenging at times. The South Baldwin Chamber and Chamber Foundation recognizes this and we hope you find our incentives valuable to you as well as your business.

Volunteers Receive:
  • Chance to win door prizes donated by South Baldwin Chamber members at weekly rewards events
  • Incentive checks (distributed weekly)
  • Opportunity to win a cruise!

What you need to know:
  • Cash sales and trades cannot be combined for incentives, we suggest you either go for cash sales or trades
  • A 1099 form will be issued for all incentives
  • Two new memberships + 4 donated items must be secured to qualify for the trip
  • Items that qualify as cash sales are: memberships, sponsorships, auction items and more
  • Trades for the Foundation must be traded for opportunities from the Foundation
  • Value is determined by what the Chamber would normally pay
Member Directory
Incentive Chart
Trade Wish List
Donation Wish List
Understanding the Incentive Schedule:
You must either meet or surpass each level before receiving the "check amount".
Checks are given weekly at the Rewards Breakfast
You may not combine cash and trades to receive the incentives. We recommend that you go for either all cash sales or all trade sales.